Newsletter #1: Where Redtextilia is headed

Primera sesión de la junta directiva

Primera sesión de la junta directiva


By Dinorah Carballo – Artist, Art Historian
Secretary of the RED TEXTIL IBEROAMERICANA – Costa Rica

The Red Textil Iberoamericana (REDTEXTILIA) has found its nascent power in the board members’ enthusiasm and professionalism. They have initiated an ongoing dialog from each of their countries of origin. Every month since September 2006 when it was founded in Costa Rica in the middle of the Fourth Biennial Textile Art and Design Show, we have been meeting on the Internet to solve problems relating to the foundation process, such as coming up with a domain name to position ourselves on the web and coordinating the different actions to start up an association that has taken shape so quickly. Subsequently, we had to decide on a way to take the existence of the network public and how we could expand gradually yet at the same time, project the network’s potential widely in the shortest period of time possible. The idea is to draw up guidelines, patterns, and strategies to consolidate and strengthen this project as a team.

Our meetings are held twice a month with an agenda that is sent out ahead of time so that the points that require a quick and definitive response are clear.

REDTEXTILIA uses these virtual board meetings to mold the objectives that have been defined: create a means for textile artists in the Americas, critics, researchers and similar people an organization to represent them, raise public awareness of them, and support their concerns, dreams and projects. The meetings are also a way to legitimize from a contemporary viewpoint, the work and expressions of the people who join the network in places with a more public presence, such as museums, galleries, and public spaces.

This implies setting the group of ideas to work and comparing them to the ideas held by other members from the different countries represented on the board. Paulina Ortiz from Costa Rica, the president, has the greatest responsibility for ensuring that the rest of the board members in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Spain, and Costa Rica remain in close contact through these meetings and give shape to a complex organization, woven from personal ideals and interests that in turn, as discussion gives way to ideas, becomes something that belongs to each and every one.

Such was the birth of our web page, kicking off with this bulletin called TEXTILIA and coordinated by Martha Álvarez from Colombia with an Editorial Board and high-interest sections to promote the network’s products, research projects, and progress.

The proactive, expansive nature that the Red Textil Iberoamericana is taking on is self-evident. If your interests match what we have been discussing here, we invite you to be a part of this great project. We have no doubt that the network’s potential will grow akin to the flow of a mighty river at the height of the rainy season and we will soon be seeing impressive results.