Newsletter #7: Editorial


Costa Rica and Textile Culture are PURA VIDA (all life)!
By Paulina Ortiz, Costa Rica

In my opinion, in Latin America we live in a state of permanent crisis, and last year was singularly critical. An age for redefinition, reinvention and drastic changes, a lot of work and little money…no doubt these are interesting times to which we all had to adapt.

We have advanced quite a lot in the organization of our First Encounter, and I feel happy to start this year 2010 with the announcement of the Program and International Competition Invitation. It hasn’t been an easy process, because we entered into it under the premise that in 2010 there would be reduced budgets for cultural affairs in all cultural centers and other sponsoring organizations, and due to that, few of them would want to commit to sponsoring.

As we advanced and approached 2010, however, the situation got better and, fortunately, the majority stayed within the projected budget, which has provided us with greater opportunities to finance programmed activities. The offers and enthusiasm have escalated.

From the beginning of REDTEXTILIA, its Board of Directors has had in mind to generate an impact upon the textile ambience of each of the countries where encounters are held, and Costa Rica is not an exception. Since it is a small peaceful country, and it is the point of convergence of northern and southern cultures, we will seek to benefit by the cultural exchange between Ticos (nationals), and international visitors; integrate university students; transfer the benefits of this exchange to rural areas; place more value onto the textile practice of indigenous groups by way of giving them training in product innovation with cultural identity, and dignifying their traditions.

Through this exchange we will explore the points of convergence with the hope to contribute to rescuing, questioning, strengthening, and visualization of the textile practice of Ibero-America in a sustainable form, and innovating it in a systematic and responsible way.

I therefore, invite you to join us in Costa Rica on September 3rd, 2010 to make this common project—both challenging and exciting—a reality.

Costa Rica and textile culture are PURA VIDA (all life), and we await you to share it with us!


Juan Diego Roldán, Manuel Arce, Dinorah Carballo y Paulina Ortiz

Juan Diego Roldán, Manuel Arce, Dinorah Carballo y Paulina Ortiz

Translation: Silvia Piza-Tandlich