Newsletter #7: Where Redtextilia is Headed

Centro Cultural Costarricense - Norteamericano (CCCN)

Centro Cultural Costarricense – Norteamericano (CCCN)

September, 2010: A Dream To See the Textile Creation Diversity of Ibero-America and the Entire World As One Only Fiber.

By Juan Diego Roldán Castillo
Coordinator, Sophia Wanamaker Galleries
Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center (CCCN)

It is almost four years now since the dream started—a dream to see the textile creation diversity of Ibero-America (and the entire world), as one only fiber, thus uniting the silent and evident efforts of many artists engaged by their own vocation, into a form of expression that has filled them with satisfaction and new challenges to explore.

This is an experience that adhering to its basic principle of knotting or weaving, will be the forceful strategy required in order to become strong and palpable upon the stage of global artistic experiences. It is this way that the dream of seeing one another, and sharing what this creative experience contributes, lays upon the act of exploring the second skin—the textile—and give it its own innovating dimension as of this encounter. We hope it will harbor the voice and sensibility of many human fibers, who are intent to not only offer a creative vision, but also a responsible and sustainable vision within its artistic practice, from the most local to the most universal.

It is about dreams, hopes, commitments, educating, sharing, and exchanging knowledge. It means dreaming again that from north to south, or east to west we can generate a textile attitude capable of moving many individuals towards the always up-to-date and important protagonism of textile fiber within the endeavor of everyday life.

It is this way that the Iberoamerican Textile Network, and the Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center, along with involved cultural entities, prepare themselves with cheerful expectation for their First International Encounter, “Textile Creativity: Sustainable Tradition and Responsible Innovation.” This activity will take place during the month of September, 2010 in Costa Rica, and will not only contain expositions, but also workshops and conferences with a clear, “for what.” Said for what itself contains a special search—or as said earlier, a dream—of impacting textile practice by way of information, education, and experience, with alternative ideas for their development, and with individual innovating and responsible practice within society and the environment.

Just by thinking of textiles and a second skin makes it very close to a fact of being a protecting prime material. Therefore, this first encounter will be a looking each other not only with the intention of deepening creativity, but also suggesting actions that safeguard the interests of this global community of creators.

Part of the invitation for all friends of the Encounter to converse about transforming visions arising from our trade, is to establish closeness—both at professional level as well as at the level of certain common causes.

During all these years, and since Redtextilia was created, the efforts of affiliates together with their Board of Directors, mainly, have been directed to make this opportunity possible in order to meet, and strengthen a new vision of creativity in its multiple edges—a proposal based upon interdisciplinary-like analysis, with the firm desire to turn towards other fields of knowledge, development, broadcasting, and distribution. This offers a critical reflection with which to transform established forms, abolish isolation, and open new possibilities of expression, analysis, cooperation, and commitment. This first encounter will be a way to write a new tradition and up-date its histories in the present in order to have a new perception and a new reception.

From now, I welcome you to the First Encounter of the Iberoamerican Textile Network 2010, “Textile Creativity: Sustainable Tradition and Responsible Innovation.” I’ll see you in Costa Rica.

Translation: Silvia Piza-Tandlich