Newsletter #8: Editorial


We’re getting closer…

By Paulina Ortiz , Costa Rica
Redtextilia President

Four years ago, when we participated in the 4th International Biennial of Women In Textile Art (now World Textile Art) in Costa Rica, we proposed the creation of Redtextilia, which was welcomed by most artists.

Without knowing each other well, we worked diligently from Monday to Thursday going over statutes, discussing, analyzing, and making decisions. By Thursday, those of us conforming the Managing Group signed the constitution of the new Ibero-American Textile Network association, and made sure that its first Board of Directors was formed by members from various countries in order to implement inclusion, diversity, and a broad vision about textile matters. Since then, we directed all our efforts to consolidate it, and dedicated ourselves to tracing the route to follow during the following four years in order to achieve the Encounter, in which today we invite you to participate.

Our first Encounter is the result of proactive work on the part of the Board of Directors—always determined to conquer obstacles, and giver of knowledge and experiences—and the Costa Rican team, who contributed with all its experience at organization level, in a team work that has achieved this great project.

It is fitting to mention the unconditional support of Manuel Arce, Cultural Director of the Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center, and Carlos Couto, Director of the Spain Cultural Center—organizers of this First Encounter.

We also wish to thank the sponsors: Embassies, international magazine editors, journalists and, of course, our conference and workshop expert friends, who generously accepted to collaborate by sharing their experience and know-how. Likewise, we thank the students from Veritas Univeristy Community Work program, who decided to approach textiles with a fresh vision and great enthusiasm, and with an attitude of exploration to document, install, design, and support what was necessary to do during this process.

For the First Encounter we have planned an interesting and varied program within the cycle of conferences and workshops, with top-notch expositors. Exhibition viewing is made possible within a walking, amicable radius of the eastern wing of the capital city of San José.

We will have the Ibero-American Textile Fair in order to give opportunity to participants to sell their products, and offer them the possibility to make their participation in the Encounter sustainable. It also gives the public a chance to obtain them directly on this very unique occasion. The Fair will take place on September 9 from 2:00 to 8:00pm at the Mexico Cultural Institute during the exposition, “Latin American Textile Creation.”

We also offer you various options for theme trips of exchange, which will complement more academic activities, hoping they are of your liking and motivate you to accompany us, and share with us in this experience.

Many thanks to all of you who have made this possible, and we hope to find you soon in Costa Rica, “the happiest country in the world.”

Translation: Silvia Piza-Tandlich