Newsletter #8: Where Redtextilia is headed


Strengthening Dialog and Knowledge Around the Textile Theme

By Paulina Ortiz, Costa Rica
Redtextilia President

It is hard to reduce to a few words everything that has been accomplished during these last months. Part of the results may be seen represented in the General Program, and in the itineraries for theme trips.

We have designed a complete and varied programming, with the aim to strengthen the textile component enclosed within our cultural practices, by way of workshops, conferences, exhibitions, and visits to places that will enable the construction of relationships, exchange, and sharing in a more relaxed ambience.

The Ibero-American Textile Network, with its inclusive character, wishes to share an extensive panorama of textile creation in our continent, thereby establishing dialogues amongst the different areas of action such as design, crafts, research, traditional textile, and contemporary textile, hoping that it turns into a process of nourishment that eventually will encourage innovation in design and in the production of textile elements.

In its educational component, Redtextilia hopes that the cycle of conferences and workshops—and other complementary activities—be an instrument for dialogue and exchange of experiences and knowledge, and awareness of the importance of conservation and restoration of cultural patrimony—both material and immaterial, present and historic—by our traditional cultures in order to promote its appreciation and preservation. With that, we hope to create awareness in developing textile creation with identity, which can allow us to differentiate ourselves and, at the same time, fit into globality thanks to the quantity of resources and the universal nature of techniques.

The theme of this First Encounter, “Sustainable Tradition and Responsible Innovation,” will welcome the university student body, artists, designers, artisans, interior artists, architects, and cultural managers, recognizing them as a proactive and creative group, who will have in their hands the future, the innovation, and the conservation of textile creation of our country and the continent.

The Board of Directors of the Ibero-American Textile Network invites you to be a part of this process, and to join us in Costa Rica. ¡Pure life!

Translation: Silvia Piza-Tandlich