Newsletter #8: Theme Tours

Museo Nacional

Museo Nacional

Tour of the City of San José


Tour guided by architect Carlos Mesén, who speaks fluent Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

10:15 am
LEAVING the National Museum.

Visit around the area of the Atlantic railroad station, and the new La Aduana Center for Arts & Technology.

Walk through Civic Statuary National Park, the Congress, National Library, Electorate Tribunal, and Blue Castle Legislative Building.

Walk to the old liquor factory, now Ministry of Culture & Youth, and visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art & Design ( )
Walk through España Park, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and old Amón Neighborhood.

1:15-2:00 pm
Lunch at Kalú Restaurant ( ) and the Design Store Kiosco SJ.

2:00-2:30 pm
Walk to Morazán Park and Culture Plaza.

2:30 -3:00 pm
Visit to the National Theatre (

Cost: US$40 Includes: city tour, lunch, and entry tickets to Museums and the National Theatre.
August 25th: deadline for reservations.

Translation: Silvia Piza-Tandlich

Mujer indígena kuna

Mujer indígena kuna

Itinerary Field trip to the Kuna Indigenous Reserve on the Archipelago San Blas, and Panama City

September 11 to 16, 2010

.September 11:
6:30 am: Leave for Santa María International Airport, Costa Rica.

10:10 am: Flight departure to Panama City.

12:25 pm: Arrival at Tocumen International Airport, and transport to Hotel Plaza Paitilla in Panama City.

2:00 pm: Tour of Panama City and visit to VIDA Gallery, owned by Laurie Bjorklund in the old city sector, with optional dinner at René Restaurant (Mediterranean-style fare), or Restaurant Casablanca—both in the same area.

.September 12:
4:30 am: Leave for Albrook local airport toward San Blas Archipelago.

6:45 am: Arrival at Playón Chico airport. Trasport to Hotel Yandup. During the stay on the archipelago all meals will be included in price. Transfers are made on cayuco paddling bote. Tour at 9:00 am returning at 12:00 noon. Lunch, and at 4:00 pm leave on a second tour.

.September 13:
Tour at 9:00 am returning midday. Lunch, then a second tour at 4:00 pm.

.September 14:
Planned event (actually, you’re entitled to two more tours). At 9:00 am tour with return at noon. Lunch, and a second tour at 4:00 pm.

.September 15:
7:00 am: Leave for Playón Chico Airport to return to Panama City.

7:45 am: Arrival at Albrook Airport.

1:00 pm: Lunch, and visit to the Miraflores Canal locks. Optional lunch on the Causeway; recommendation: Pencas at $18/person, international and seafood, well situated with view of the sea. This price isn’t included in the offer.

Return at 6:00 pm.

7:45 pm: Optional dinner at Las Tinajas Restaurant with “tipico” show for $48/person. Very close to Hotel Plaza Paitilla. Return at 10:30 pm. This price isn’t included in the offer.

.September 16:
5:00 am: Leaving for Tocumen Airport.

8:35 am: Flight departure to Costa Rica

8:45 am: Arrival at uan Santamaría Airport in San José.


Tours around San Blas are to be conducted at the discretion of the Kuna guide in charge of the group, and will depend on weather conditions and physical fitness of the travelers. Isles such as Arridup and Diapud would be visited. By morning the group will visit uninhabited islands where you can snorkel, swim, or relax. In the afternoon you will visit the Kuna communities where you can see molas, waterfalls, forest hikes, the cemetery, and go to the river. You’re entitled to two tours per day—one at 9:00 am returning at noon for lunch, and another at 4:00 pm. All tours included in price.

As a gesture of friendship Mrs. Laurie Bjorklund, Panama resident of many years and owner of VIDA Gallery,guid,de455cd4-1dc2-4548-89b3-f0002cbc8c04.aspx ,

specialized in fine crafts, will try to join us in our trip to San Blas Isles in order to connect us with her people.


SGL US$1,446, DBL US$1,263, TRPL US$1,233

Warning: The price of this offer could change slightly due to airfare tariff changes between Costa Rica and Panama.

Price includes roundtrip airplane tickets Costa Rica-Panama, airfare Tocumen Airport – Albrook, all land and water transports except those related to optional activities such as city dinners. It includes all meals during your stay on the archipelago.

Reservation and method of payment:

You can reserve by paying a 50% deposit before August 16, and must pay the remaining 50% by August 26.

Translation: Silvia Piza-Tandlich


Tour of the City of Cartago

Itinerary: Friday, September 10, 2010

Friendship trip amongst Encounter participants. It leaves the Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center (CCCN) towards Cartago and Orosi Valley. The visiting group will be accompanied by their Costa Rican hosts to Hacienda Chúcaras.

8:30 am
Leave CCCN. Arrive in Cartago, former capital city of Costa Rica. (We’ll be traveling eastwardly).

Arrive at the Cartago Municipal Museum to visit the exhibit, “Costa Rican Textile Creation.”

11:00 am
Leave for the centenarian Hacienda Chúcaras in the Orosi Valley, with access to soothing and curative thermal waters; you can also visit the coffee plantation and its processing plant.

Manuel Arce, Cultural Center Director, will BBQ sausage on tortillas. We’ll also taste local beverages and fruit drinks during a yummy campesino lunch.

16: 30- 17:10
Visit Orosi Colonial Church, founded in 1760, and its small museum.

Return to the City of Cartago.

17:45-18:15 pm
Visit Our Lady of The Angels Basilica, patron saint of Costa Rica.

18:15 pm
Return to Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center in San Pedro.

Cost: US$60. Includes: Round trip bus fare, lunch, and visit to old Catholic temples.
August 25th: Deadline for reservations.

Translation: Silvia Piza-Tandlich


Itinerary Visit to the Boruca Indigenous Reserve, Southern Zone, Costa Rica

September 11 to 13, 2010

.September 11:
6:30 am Leave Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center due South on the PanAmerican highway.

11:30 am Lunch at PINDECO banana company’s club house.
12:30 pm Leave for the Boruca Reserve.

4:30 pm Leave the Boruca Reserve towards hotel Villa Gaia on Tortuga Beach.

8:00 pm Dinner at the hotel.

.September 12:
9:00 am Leave for Ventanas Beach.

12:00 m Lunch on the beach.
In the afternoon, weather permitting we will visit beaches Hermosa and Piñuela [pea-gnoo-eh-lah], or take a sightseeing ride on the bus.

7:00 pm Dinner at the hotel.

.September 13:
7:00 am Breakfast

8:00 am Leave towards San José via Dominical and San Isidro.

1:00 pm Lunch at hotel Trogón.

Cost: US$287 – double occupancy. Includes transportation throughout the trip, 2 nights hotel in double-occupancy style, meals, and visit to the Boruca Indigenous Reserve.

Reservations and payment methods:
You may reserve by making a 50% deposit by August 16. The remaining 50% must be paid for by August 26.

Translation: Silvia Piza-Tandlich