Trine Ellitsgaard

As of March 20, Myl Contemporary Art Gallery will exhibit a solo show from the Danish artist Trine Ellitsgaard, who boasts an international career, especially in Denmark, United States and Mexico.

Her training as a Weaver in Copenhagen inherited her with a technique that has established her as a textile artist; her relationship with Mexico – especially with Oaxaca and Chiapas – has influenced her work in a very important way having had an intimate contact with local artists, without leaving aside the Nordic style full of elegance, neatness and synthesis. Her work is made based on different elements, from natural fibers, polymers, fabrics, precious metals and even some of animal origin. Her practice is distinguished by the exploration of forms through experimentation with the nature of the materials.

Parallel to the exhibition of Trine Ellitsgaard, Myl Contemporary Art Gallery in collaboration with the Iberoamerican University, will perform a couple of textile art-related round tables presented by the scholar and textile designers Ana Celia Hernández and Marcela Gutierrez Arreguin.

Wednesday  April 2: Textile Art -Materials, tools and techniques.  Wednesday, April 30: Textile Art – Artisans, Artists and Textile Designers

Also in the month of May the book Textiles of Trine Ellitsgaard, will be presented, coedited by Myl Contemporary Art Gallery with Ediciones Acapulco.

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