La Cité internationale de la tapisserie et de l’art tissé

ENGLISH – The Cité Internationale de Tapisserie et L’art Tisse was born in France in the year 2011, after the Aubusson tapestry techniques were inscribed by UNESCO in 2009, in the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
In the year 2010, a fund was established aiming to encourage the creation of contemporary tapestries through the annual organization of an assembly that would bring together the best designs of contemporary tapestries at scale 1:3. In the first instance, Chiachio & Giannone made a 9’X16’ painting in acrylic on paper, and its photograph stood for the prototype selected at the assembly for the Cité de Tapisserie.
This image is being used as the footprint or “cardboard” by the craftsmen who will weave the tapestry in Aubusson. To make the process more interesting, Chiachio & Giannone will embroider the same painted image, in the same 9’X16’ dimension, and study its behavior through different languages (drawing-painting- embroidery-upholstery).
This assembly is a tool to revalue the role of Aubusson in the tapestry and textile art world, in particular in its search for talents whose works decidedly define the future of the textile arts. It should be noted at this point, that Chiachio & Giannone are the first Latin American to compete for, and receive the second Grand Price of the Cité Internationale de Tapisserie et L’art Tisse. This group of works awarded at the assembly integrate the collection of the Tapestry Museum of Aubusson, resulting therefore, in a selection of very high standards. The 4th edition of this assembly was developed during the year 2013, with the theme “Les Nouvelles Verdures d´Aubusson” (The New Greenery of Aubusson), to reflect on one of the emblematic motifs in the history of textile production.

“La famille dans la joyeuse verdure” The name of the work with which the duo participated, La famille dans Joyeuse Verdure (“The Family in the Joyful Greenery”) comes to represent a literary amusement: joyeusse (which means happy in Spanish) – and bijoux (which means jewel in Spanish) so that “Tapiz-joya” has to do with the precision with which the artisans of Aubusson weave, at the same time with the richness in detail and the jewels that these two artists exhibit in their work. The words are also linked to the “savoir faire” of Aubusson’s craftsmen, who bring to contemporary textile art the knowledge of tapestry weaving since the 16th century.
La famille dans la Joyeuse Verdure is an embroidery in which the traditional concept of family is questioned, and is inspired by the imaginary Latin American jungle – including the guarani imagery that seems to draw its roots from magical realism, so present in Latin American literature, with authors like argentinian Julio Cortázar or colombian Gabriel García Márquez.
In this needlework, nature is presented in an exuberant and overflowing manner, composed by an endless range of colours, shapes and materials. Sometimes, it even becomes a bright jewel. The fauna and flora are represented on a scale that surpasses that of human figures, in order to highlight the importance of their conservation, thus integrating the collective memory of great epic stories, as traditionally conceived in the Aubusson tapestry. In this sense, the work of Chiachio & Giannone is evidence that meets the contemporary urgency to protect the environment.
As in most of their works, the artists represent themselves at the center, disguised with masks and feathers along with their always present dog-son-pet Tweety, drawing the new emerging forms acknowledged by western societies, as the new family institution. Another epic story from the 21st century.

“La Famille dans la Verdure Joyeuse ” or “The Family of Cheerful Nature” follows the tradition of the greenery of Aubusson delving into a narrative universe colored with fantastic elements, in which the main scene is situated in a ‘jeweled rain forest’ bursting with details, at the same time realistic and fantastic. The poetic of words follows the fact that a smaller version of the large tapestry will be presented, an image that can work as the jewel of the large tapestry.
When applying for the award, the twosome pledged to comply with a long-term process that will conclude with the presentation of their work “Tombeé de Métier”, exhibition during which the completed tapestry will be unwind from the loom and hanged on the wall for the first time. Chiachio & Giannone will be traveling shortly to Aubusson to define the specifications of colors and wool that the French artisans will use in weaving their tapestries. Their main venture is to show the large scale tapestry made at the Cité de la Tapisserie, the embroidery, the painting which is their genesis, and all the previous sketches and drawings. All these would be displayed in Paris, at some institution or Museum, and at the School Gallery of Paris (art gallery that represents them in Paris), along with their new production of work.

Chiachio and Giannone live and work together in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After studying fine arts,they decided to apply their pictorial technique to other techniques, in particular embroidery and porcelain. They are represented in Buenos Aires by the Ruth Benzacar Gallery ( and in Paris by the School Gallery. (   Cité internationale de la tapisserie et de l’art tissé Avenue des Lissiers – BP 89 F – 23200 AUBUSSON FRANCIA   Tel. : +33 555 66 66 66