Who we are

Firma de la Escritura de Constitución de REDTEXTILIA.

Firma de la Escritura de Constitución de REDTEXTILIA.


Redtextilia is a non-profit organization created in 2006 to promote knowleged and development of the Ibero-American textile culture, primarily among its agents and indirectly throughout society as a whole, through initiatives in textile creation, education and heritage, working with honesty, transparency, solidarity, respect and recognition of the cultural plurality of the Ibero-American community.

Our Vision

Redtextilia aspires to become the textile culture field’s reference organization for the countries of the Ibero-American community, looked upon by the principal agents in the sector as an example of the depth and rigor in conceptual approaches and quality, honesty and efficiency in the realization of its activities.


  • Promote contemporary textile creations in the Ibero-American countries (be it creation in art, design or artisanry)
  • Promote education in textile practices through activities and publications directed at the specialized agents and indirectly at the general public.
  • Develop an Ibero-American textile community that promotes and potentiates cultural exchange, respecting otherness and accentuating the distinctive characteristics of the various countries and regions of the continent, as well as Spain and Portugal.
  • Contribute to the progress and development of those agents carrying out group training and observation activities, intensifying the exchange of experiences as well as encouraging the building personal or commercial relationships driven by solidarity and cooperation principles.
  • Contribute to the bridging of the social and educational digital divide between art and design professionals, as well as artisans.
  • Colaborate actively to preserve and enhance the value of the rich textile heritage of our countries.

Executive Board

The Ibero-American Textile Network Board is made up of specialists with a proven track record from different Ibero-American countries who meet regularly to set Redtextilia’s guidelines.